Monday, May 14, 2012

big blessings.

weeks just seem to be flying by right now! there has been so much going on - lots of blessings for this family!

yesterdays blessing: of course mother's day. this was the first year i got to celebrate with two wonderful amazing mothers! my momma and my momma-in-law! these two women are so simply amazing. 
i am beyond blessed for my momma's gracious and generous heart. she has done such an amazing job raising me and i wouldn't be the lady i am today without her. mom, you are a blessing to everyone you encounter!! i only pray that i can be half the mom she has been to me. although, throughout the years we had our ups and downs.. she has never stopped loving me like Christ loves the church. until i got married, my momma's love was the greatest and only human unconditional love i knew!! thank you for all you've done for me and our family mom! i love you!!
my momma-in-law is so absolutely wonderful! she is so caring and thoughtful of everyone!! she just continues to give and give and give. i am soooo thankful for the way she raised my husband to love the Lord with all his heart first and foremost before me or anything else. she stayed at home with him and taught him to love Jesus and i am beyond blessed for the way he now leads me because of her. it's such a joy and blessing to be her friend and knowing that she loves and cherishes me too! thank you for continuously thinking about our family and blessing us!
i couldn't imagine having any other momma's to be our momma's - we are wayy overly blessed by you both!! :) i can't wait to be a mommy myself someday! give us a couple more years and Lord willing i can celebrate in this wonderful day with all the other momma's out there!! 

even more blessings that happened and started today. mr. b was offered a job and started today! i have been praying for him all day long and can't wait for him to return to me to hear how the first day went! it's a blessing to have two incomes right now! this is a first for us! :):) although i will miss him on his late nights... i am so thankful for the Lord's provision for us financially right now!!

God is so good all the time, isn't he??? he loves us and longs to know us deeper!! this gets me so excited to know that my Creator is pursuing me and wants to know me and be known by me!!!

these are some of the greatest blessings happening in our home. what are you thankful for and how has the Lord been blessing your home?

- jennifer - 

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