Tuesday, May 22, 2012


it was another gorgeous day here today! it wasn't too super hot.. and the humidity was very low so it was wonderful! heading into memorial day weekend we are supposed to have some wonderful wonderful weather! i'm hoping it's nice just a little south of us because mr. b. and i are going on a youth group trip to ride some awesome fun roller coasters!

as i mentioned earlier.. this past weekend we did lots of stuff outside to help beautify our humble abode. the fun thing i did was started our very first garden! now.. i will tell you i am a total amateur about this stuff.. so if there is wisdom and knowledge from any of you garden growers.. here i am! teach me! :) and until someone helps.. i guess we'll see how things grow!!

i started out kind of small. our home is not our last home. this is a perfect house for us two and a wonderful amount of space for newlyweds. the downfall of this home.. mainly location... we are in sun alley a shade pit!!! this past weekend i spent my saturday scoping and taking mental note of what areas get sun and for how many hours. i started with my pots on one side of the house, but realized i found a better spot that gets ALMOST 5 hours of sun and it's like.. the good sun! from approx. 11am-3pm and then it picks back up another hour-ish from 6pm-7pm.

please ignore the grass - we're in the process of re-growing that too! :)

and there is our little garden! small and sweet! we have lots of wonderful things that will be coming up hopefully!
here is our list of garden goodies!
- tomatoes (grape, roma, beef steak)
- banana peppers
- green peppers
- purple peppers
- jalapeño peppers
- lettuce
- basil
- cilantro
- butternut squash

so ideally.. like i said.. this wouldn't be my dream garden - those are on my pinterest board here if you're interested to see what i envision for a future garden! but until then, the pots and limited amount of ground coverage will do :)

i feel like i am making notes about things i want in our future home that we don't have here! 2 sinks in the bathroom, 2 stall garage, a big ol cabinet for my pots and pans, large space for garden... and the list keeps growing! :) pinterest helps a lot with that too..!!

do you have a garden? what are you growing? any helpful tips for this first timer??

have a tremendous tuesday!!

- jennifer


  1. Jennifer! I absolutely Love your BLOG!!! We would be great friends!! I am emailing you right now about the buttons!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

  2. wow, you guys did a lot! this looks awesome. we've done basil and cilantro ... would love to do everything else on your list. hmmmm ... might just have to copy ya.


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