Wednesday, May 23, 2012

behind the scene and buttons.

mr b and i are big stuff tonight! well.. not really.. but we felt like VIP's. mr b. just got a new job and 2 days after he was hired we got a pretty envelope in the mail that was addressed to him and a guest. his big job invited us to a private viewing of the ribbon cutting and new campus of a popular place in town. let me remind you this all happened before he even started his first day of work! so tonight we went and met the head honcho (he already knew and acknowledged mr b!) along with many others and listened to some presentations of where the company has come from and where it's going to. we watched the ribbon cutting and then we enjoyed live music over delicious h'orderves and wine. 

here are a couple snap shots i got from the night. i thought i would let you come behind the scenes with us! :)

there you are! now you got to be part of the ribbon cutting and feel important too! there was approx. 800 people invited and we guessed about 400 showed up. we had fun!

and on another note!

i just need to tell you all i am so excited! i am quite the newbie with all this blog stuff.. but i have finally stepped out and decided to contact some amazing blogs i follow for some help. they have all given me such wonderful wonderful advice and i appreciate them all so much!

the biggest addition i made was buttons! i have added two different buttons onto my blog and i would LOVE to share them with you!

feel free to take a button or swap buttons with me and i would love to sponsor you as well! it's been such a blessing meeting new bloggie friends and i hope to only continue to meet more! :)

i have to give a shout out to one of my newest bloggie friends and followers for such awesome help with my buttons! clara is such a sweetheart and SO super helpful and very very willing to help out with anything i need - and let me tell you.. i have been emailing her like crazy these past few days! i urge you to go give her some love and meet her for yourself - you'll love her! she blogs over at happy in life, young in love.

if you're interested - contact me at onefourthreeblog(at)gmail(dot)com or you can email me just for fun too! i love love love comments and emails!!

have a wonderful wednesday!

- jennifer

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  1. Too sweet! I am so happy you contacted me!! I think it is the start is some fun times!!! Btw I am putting my iPhone to some good use and I figured out how to get on blogger on it!! Yay!!


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