Tuesday, May 8, 2012

fun with friends.

so as i said yesterday... this past weekend we had a wonderful couple that we love dearly come visit us! we always have so much fun together!! i can't wait for these two love birds to get married this winter. :)

here is a glimpse of our adventurous day together via instagram/frametastic! we definitely had a blast!!   

miss riss is going to make a wonderful bride and wife. she is so loving towards everyone she encounters. her laugh is so contagious and she is always doing something to make others laugh! her heart is set on Jesus and she longs to grow closer to him each day. there is no such thing as boredom in her presence - she likes to make up games and rules when hanging out just to change things up. she lives to worship God with her amazing musical talent. i love this girl!!

dm is such a wonderful friend. he is a man after God's own heart. you can see how much he loves the Lord and miss riss. he is open and adventurous to almost anything - even miss riss' crazy ideas! dm has such a desire to lead his family towards Jesus. he is one talented athlete too! he is such a wonderful servant and reflects Christ's heart so serve others so well.

i am so happy and blessed to know these two people. i am so excited i introduced them  to each other and i  am anxious to see the amazing work God is going to do through them and their marriage!

love you both!!!

- jennifer -

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