Tuesday, April 24, 2012

no electronics.

so.. as i mentioned before - i did a no electronics week a couple weeks ago. too often i get home from work and i'm exhausted so i just sit down and grab my computer because it seems easy. well.. i decided to see how much time i really spend on electronics and boy was it an eye opener!  i think i should try to attempt an electronics free week at least once a month! or like.. maybe 1 day a week. we'll see. 

my intentions: to take the time i waste spend surfing the internet, watching tv and movies and be more active and resourceful with the gifts and talents the Lord has SO gracious blessed me with.

it was miserable a great experience to learn where a lot of my time goes. i had much for free time to clean cook, capture and create!

i made some fun crafts for myself and friends, started to pick up knitting again (i want to make a blanket, but i am already stuck and forgot how to do a pearl stitch). i cooked lots of new meals for me and mr. b! those will eventually come around here on to the MENU monday.

most importantly though.. i was able to spend more time in scripture and prayer. my walk with Jesus is the most important thing to me and so often i can push that aside to catch up on blogs, tv series and pinterest. i'm currently on a reading plan to read the entire bible in a year chronologically! it's been great so far and really cool to see where each book plays it's part in God's story :) 

i also started reading a really great book! if you want a read that is open and real about marriage - this is it friends! real marriage

mr. b and i adore this couple. they are a pastor and wife out in seattle and they love and worship Jesus. i'm not all the way finished with the book, but once i am i will share with you my thoughts :) so far i love it and it's an easy read! there are also sermons that go along with each chapter that you can listen to/watch.

my husband is the most important person in the world to me and i also got to spend more time growing closer to each other and in our marriage. i am so blessed by this man and i love him dearly. i am SUPER excited to see where the Lord is going to lead us in life and i wouldn't picture myself with any one else on this journey and as my partner in crime! :)

God is so good to me and i really can't complain about not having electronics for the week. it was refreshing and refining. he continues to teach me, stretch me, and grow me in ways i never thought possible. but by his grace i am pushing through or he is carrying me! blessings to you all this week!


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