Wednesday, February 8, 2012

valentine fun.

here is a tutorial for a fun wreath i made for valentine's day!

it was super easy and a lot of fun :) i found the wreath on pinterest - i love that website, it's very addicting AND beneficial ;)

supplies: (i found all of my supplies at joann's)
- styrofoam heart
- red felt (i got 3/4 yard.. but you really only need about 1/2 a yard)
- flat push pins
- 3" circle template to cut out the circles (i used a paper plate and a cup i found that was 3" in diameter)
- i used a red sharpie so you couldn't see the outline of the circles i was making and it blended in well!
- sissors

here is the tutorial:
i made a lot of circles and cut them out. i didn't count how many circles though... but i can tell you it was a lot!

then i took the felt circles and folded them in half.. and then in half again like this...

after that i took the pins and pushed them through the felt and then again into the styrofoam. i did them at all different angles and directions to get a more 'ruffled' and textured look.

i love how it turned out! i did this on the front and sides, but didn't need to do it on the back. 

on the back i took a piece of ribbon and made a loop and put a couple pins in that to hang it. now it's hanging nicely on our front door! i would love to hang it somewhere else.. but since we still don't have anything on the walls or any extra table space, it's going to stay on the door this year :)

hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have the chance to make this fun and simple wreath for your home!

- jennifer -

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