Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new fun news.!

it's tuesday morning! the snow is falling this morning, which is so crazy because i was just talking about having spring fever.. and the snow is back! ahhhh, what a crazy winter i tell you!

well, i have some very exciting news to share!! no... i'm not pregnant.. sorry :) BUT i just came across a NEW website for dicounted craft supplies!!!

this company is called blitsy! they have so many great cool things to offer!!

how exciting is that?? i find it very exciting, because one.. i love to buy things on sale (i rarely ever buy anything at full price...) and two.. i love when i am saving money on my crafts!

you need to be a member to shop, so go sign up today and take a look around, see if there's something you like!! i can't wait to see the great deals i find :)

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  1. I love Blitzy, they just did a post over on Ucreate about it too!!! its amazing!!!! :)

    Also, dont get me started on spring fever, i am soooo there, but the climate in norway just doesnt agree with me! lol~

    love K


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