Thursday, February 23, 2012

making dreams come true.

alright.. so everyone has dreams, visions and desires for their lives. lately i have been thinking and praying for a lot of dreams i have on my heart. there are so many things i would love to do, love to start, love to be a part of.

i would LOVE to have a world-known blog to bring lots of my ideas to and share with others while doing it to the glory of God and giving him full credit for all my abilities and talents.

i would LOVE to start and open a reused/renewed store where i find wonderful treasures that others thing is junk and turn it into a beaut for people to love and cherish in their homes.

i would LOVE to do full-time women's ministry where i can pour into the lives of other women and share the love of Christ to the lost and broken hearted.

i would LOVE to do event planning and help others put on fun, wonderful, delightful events under their budget.

i would LOVE to be a stay at home mommy, when that time comes!

some of these dreams and desires i feel the Lord has put specifically on my heart. others i think would be so fun to do and i would truly enjoy them.

the major thing that i feel holding me back from all of this is student debt the price of my college education. i hate the word debt.. i know that's exactly what it is, but it is such a blessing having a college degree! (it would be even better if i was actually using it.. which is women's ministry and interior design).

well.. today i fell upon this lovely website. it's a chance to get some of that debt paid off! boy oh boy that would be SO wonderful to win!. i never win anything.. my sister-in-law does!! but me.. no. must not be in my blood. BUT i signed up for it anyways!! maybe this will be my big win ;).

you can sign up yourselves to have a chance of winning through this golden parachute ... doesn't that just look so wonderful?? the little guy is just carrying away the debt! ha! and i know sharing it with you doesn't really help me.. because that's more people entering.. but

1. not many people actually read this.. and
2. i hate my debt and i assume you hate yours too. :)
so i'll share anyways!

now don't get me wrong... i know and truly believe God can overcome any amount of debt and use me and others in the midst of it, but i feel limited in what i can do. this may be just a season of life.. and i sure hope and pray it is! i even believe in miracles and that if God so wanted to - and i have prayed for this, but until and IF that happens.. i'll keep paying on it and enter into this fun contest to help!.

someone will win.. if it's not me, maybe it will be you! :)

- jennifer -

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