Wednesday, February 29, 2012

making progress.

so we've been living in our home now for about 6 months.. we're slowly making progress on making this feel like 'our home'. we don't want to put  lot of money into this house because we know we wont be here for probably more than 3 years max. so i'm doing and making things affordable and inexpensive as possible to save up for my dream house!

here are some progress photos of the bathroom i've been working on! this is pretty much as far as i will go for this room.

here is the before:

the biggest issue with this bathroom... the teeny tiny doorway [seriously.. it's like 21 inches wide.... that is a problem] and only having one sink. now.. you probably wouldn't think this would be an issue with only 2 of us. but it is, a really big issue. for some reason we're always trying to get ready and get in there at the same time. our future home WILL have two sinks in our bathroom.
ahh.. i can already see life getting much easier when that happens.
this is in progress.. still some things needed adding. we added a new mirror along with a frame i got from hobby lobby on clearance to put around it. i loved being able to use bold colors because it's temporary and fun for us now while we are young and enjoying our first home together! :) adding some shelves on the wall and a fun shower curtain is an easy way to change the room up at minimal cost!

and here are my new shelves!! I love how they turned out! :) now i feel like my bathroom has a complete finish (well.. for now in this home :)).

hope you enjoy my little humble abode and find some inexpensive ways to spice up your home!!

what are some ways you've added a personal touch without the designer costs?
- jennifer -


  1. Wow.. so cute. I'm very impressed.

    Love your cute blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)

  2. I LOVE this. It's super cute and cheery. What a perfect place to get ready in the morning!


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