Sunday, January 22, 2012

first tutorial ever: dining room chair cushions!


It's been so long since I've updated my blog. So many things have happened between August and now! To start.. I am now married to the most WONDERFUL amazing man God could have EVER blessed me with!! We got married in September :) It's such a fun adventure being our own family now and starting our own journey as a married couple. We have enjoyed things like: starting holiday traditions, hosting friends in our new home, preparing meals together, coffee in our pajamas days, and doing crafts/projects together for our home and others!
This past weekend B was out of town helping a friend do some work on his truck and I stayed home. I decided it was time to tackle a bigger project around the house. This is a picture of our dining room...

And here is a picture now!

Do you see the difference?? Yes, I know the walls are still bare. I'm nervous to hang things up - which isn't like me! haha I'll get there soon :) But other than the blank walls do you see??? I made new chair cushions! When we first moved the dining table and chairs in, I said the green needed to go immediately! Well.. life got really busy really fast. I finally got a free weekend and tackled them with my amazing mother! The table and chairs (and walls) still need some loving, but at least the green is gone!!

This was my Saturday afternoon:

Look at that green! Ah! This table set was my great aunt's set that got passed down, sorry El.. I just couldn't handle the green any longer!

After we tore the plastic green seating off, the padding underneath was SUPER thin! They were pretty hard.. but now they are nice and plush :) 

We took foam and outlined the seats and cut them out, the foam was not easy to cut straight with scissors, but it worked!

I didn't want to have a crazy print on the chairs, but I didn't want a solid color either.. I found this orange linen at the store and my mom threw out the idea of burlap across it. I was nervous about it being itchy on legs and if it would not lay right, but it worked great!

I measured out the center and tacked down the burlap to the linen. To keep the burlap from moving, I ended up sewing it down in 5 rows. I was only going to do 2 lines... but quickly realized the middle section moved and shifted.
I finally got to use my new sewing machine! I got it on Black Friday at Target and was super excited to use it!!

My mom pulled the fabric tight while I put the staples in. I had to be a little creative with the corners.. and I'm sorry I must have missed a photo of them. I tucked them and twisted them underneath to get a small pucker on both ends.

and VUALA! Here they are now!!!

We had to have some fun after! This is my AMAZING mother and I :) We like to have LOTS of fun together! I am SO thankful for all her love, support, and help! I love you momma!

It's so much more enjoyable to sit at the dining room table for meals now. So much more comfy too. Now I need to just tackle those walls...

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!

- Jennifer -


  1. Jennifer!! I am SO proud of you! The new chairs look FABULOUSO!! WOW! I love the idea of putting the bulap as a little extra stripe. LURVE IT!
    Miss you so much. Keep up the good work and all of the projects. Love seeing your home!


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