Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my own craft area!

I love to craft! Our home is not very big.. and not having a place to craft was driving me crazy!!

My husband got a workshop table when we moved in and I was jealous. A few weeks later I was on Pinterest and saw this picture of a craft table.. it's from the ivy cottage blog. You can click the link to see the table and DIY instructions to have you own.

I brainstormed with B and we figured out a little different way to make the table but with the same(ish) idea.

So now here is my new craft area!!

We went to the store and bought a 4' by 8' piece of melamine board so there was a nice finish to the top of my table. We also bought some 2" by 2" by 8" board to build a support for the table. B measured it all out, cut it, and drilled it together. Then we nailed the frame to the table top. After that we put together shelving units we got for the table to sit on. Here was the finished product!!

I liked the idea and it's sort of the same idea as the table I saw on Pinterest.. but it wasn't very sturdy for me. My table is heavier since I didn't use the doors (I didn't want a crack in the middle of the table). B ended up adding legs and it's MUCH better now! So after some addition changes, here is my most recent craft table!

There still have a lot of work to be done to it. I need to paint the frame and legs, but I love being able to have such a large table to craft all over!! It's been SO handy! I have even found B putting his stuff over there because I have more space than him now ;)

It was such a cheap project!
Melamine: $24.00
Wood for frame and legs: $12.00
Shelving units $15.00 (each)

Craft Table DIY: $51.00

That's SO much cheaper than tables online for that size... I didn't realize how expensive they are! I'll do an update sometime once I have the area more finished too :)

- Jennifer -

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