Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 years.

Today my handsome man and I celebrate 3 years together! It's been an amazing 3 years that I wouldn't change for anything. Of course, every relationship has their ups and downs.. but the Lord has blessed me SO greatly with a man after His own heart! I love that about him! :)

48 months and 27 days ago I met the man I knew I would someday marry. 36 months ago we started the journey of dating. 17 months and 15 days ago we shared our first kiss. 14 months and 21 days ago we said I love you. 10 months and 12 days ago we got engaged. 4 months and 21 days ago we said I do.

In honor of our 3 years (36 months), I wanted to share 36 things I cherish about him!

1. His heart to serve me and others before himself
2. Passion to do ministry
3. His relationship with the Lord is first
4. Spontaneous ideas
5. Beautiful blue eyes
6. I enjoy his hugs
7. Helps me around the house
8. SO relational
9. Boldness about his faith and beliefs
10. His wisdom - he helps clear up my gray areas
11. Desire to love me like Christ loves his bride, the church
12. The way he worships the Lord
13. He gives the best back massages :)
14. His goofiness - he makes me laugh often!
15. Adventurous - he's never afraid to try new things
16. Strong spiritual leader
17. His humility - I am humbled by him daily
18. HUGE heart for the lost
19. He forgives so freely
20. His cooking - he throws things together without a recipe and it always turns out good!
21. Leads me into times of prayer
22. His pursuit through it all
23. Very creative!! He is a handy man too :)
24. Amazing encourager
25. I love his surprises!
26. SO respectable
27. Points me to Christ in ALL circumstances
28. Wonderful teacher
29. The way he listens and gives me his full attention when I'm talking
30. I can be myself around him
31. His kisses
32. Attention to detail
33. His laugh - even when he's overly tired ;)
34. Hard working, he puts all his effort in from start to finish
35. His smile :D
36. I admire his grace 

He is an amazing example of Christ! I am SO honored and humbled by him. I love him and love every day God gives us together.

Happy 3 years B! I love you and pray for MANY MANY more years together. You are my favorite :)

- Jennifer - 

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