Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my perfect day.

This past weekend was one of the most amazing weekends I've ever had. I was taken on a surprise date which ended in a proposal! If I could have picked a proposal myself for us.. it would have been this one! It was absolutely perfect for us and very meaningful :)

I'll share our story with you.

Background information: When Mr B. and I first started dating in 2008 we made this analogy of our relationship being a trip to Chicago with Chicago being our destination (engagement/marriage). We said this because we wanted to go our own 'speed limit'/pace. He also would joke around about proposing to me with a 50 cent machine ring all the time too.. so those both played into our day.

The week of the engagement:
I had made coffee plans for Saturday morning/early afternoon with a friend of mine and mentioned it to Mr B. He asked me to reschedule because he wanted to take me on a surprise day date. When he told me that, I questioned and wondered if he was going to propse, but one of my very close friends said she knew nothing about it (and she's not a good liar.. haha) so I figured okay.. he's not really doing it. So I rescheduled my plans and told him I would set aside my day for him. I spent the night Friday night at his parents houses because I knew we had to leave at 9:30am on Saturday.

Saturday morning:
I woke up and was getting ready but Mr. B. wasn't at his parents house. Mr. B. showed up around 9 and entered with a single rose, my favorite coffee and a slip of paper that said "Coffee, a kiss, and a rose. Some of the best ways to say "I love you" that I know's" We left his parents house and headed out to get some breakfast. On the way there I got a ball that you crack open (the kind that the jewelry comes in from the 50 cent machines which is where this comes into play). Inside were 3 rose petals, a reese's and another slip of paper that said "Roses are red, violets are blue, Jennifer is as sweet as a Reese's, we both know it's true!". They are my favorite candy!! After breakfast we got on the road and started driving.. I had no idea where we were going and kept prying for him to tell me! He handed me another ball with a quarter, and a slip saying "Just a hint: When you put me here I become flat. I can't wait to spend the day with the one I love!" I was so confused and I was thinking we were going to a souvenir place with a machine that flattens coins. I even mentioned how trains can flatten coins but didn't think about that being an option. Well, we arrived to a small town that I didn't know of at an Amtrak train depot. Then I knew we were going to Chicago! The next pieces I got were the tickets and another slip saying "When we first started dating our "goal" was to make it to here. well, without further a do... let's ride!"

Saturday afternoon:
We arrived in Chicago and I got another ball with a slip saying "These next 6 hours are completely up to you. I will be by your side falling more in love with you!" So we spent the afternoon in Chicago and it was a blast! Once I realized we only had an hour and a 1/2 left I started to get nervous thinking that if he was going to propose it would be soon! Well, that time passed by and we got back to the train station and he handed me another ball with petals and a slip saying "Trip back home, not alone. I love you Jennifer - shout it from a megaphone!" and it had a drawing of him shouting I LOVE YOU JENNIFER through a megaphone hah. That really threw me for a loop and I didn't think it was happening since nothing happened in Chicago (he did that on purpose because he knew I would have expected it).

Saturday evening:
So we arrive back to the train depot and I get another ball and that one said "Our day is almost over, but my love will not. Put your hand in mine, it's the perfect spot!" On the way home he gave me another ball and it said something about getting dessert but we were both so full that we skipped that and went home. After we were home for a while Mr. B. handed me 10 more roses and asked me to come outside with him. At this time it was 9:30pm. He took me outside to where he first told me he was falling in love with me. He also said he had one more ball and he pulled it out. It was orange which is my favorite color! It was the 7th ball which is his favorite number. Inside this last one said "I know this last rose will make you sing! Jennifer will you be mine forever and please accept this ring?" And I was like what?! And I looked in there and pulled out.. a stinking 50 cent machine ring!!! I couldn't help but laugh and then tell him it wasn't funny. I wear a purity ring on my left hand and he knew that he couldn't take that ring off my finger unless he had another ring to replace it with. Well he insisted that I take my ring off and try on my 'new' one. I tried it on and then put it back. After that I asked for my ring back. Instead of my purity ring he pulled out the most amazing and perfect ring I could have ever imaged for myself! He then started talking and this whole time his parents are inside waiting for us to start a movie.. they have no idea what is happening. Well.. Mr. B's dad came out and yelled "What are you guys doing out there?!? Aren't you going to watch this movie with us??" Mr. B. said back "Uhh.. dad.. not right now!!" We laughed and then he got down on one knee and asked if I would make him the happiest man in the world and accept this ring and marry him. Then I said YES! We went inside and called my parents - they didn't know it was happening either. Mr. B. asked for their blessing back in January but didn't tell a single soul when he was proposing so no one could accidently ruin it.

I know it's long - but there is no short way of explaining a 12 hour day! But we have made it to our "destination"!! Hopefully there will be pictures soon so you can see my ring :)


  1. Congrats girl! I love your story. :)

  2. Oh I am so happy for you Jen! Can't wait to see the ring! Have a great week.

  3. That is so awesome Jen!!! So happy for you two!


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