Monday, April 4, 2011

it's official

So. We have made is official! We are getting married on September 10, 2011. It has been so hard finding a reception place for mainly two reasons. One - our wedding date is already almost 5 months away! Two - our date falls on a 'fun' date that so many others probably want too. 9.10.11 is the day I will marry my best friend! I am so super excited for the journey God will lead us on as a married couple. This date has a lot of significance to us too. We thought it would be fun and we had even briefly mentioned it a while back thinking 'Oh it would be fun to get married on 9.10.11' and then we found out it is a Saturday!

I will keep you posted on more of the wedding details - and all my different creations for it! I'm excited to get creative and get the big stuff out of the way. There is still a few more big things I have to do though.. find a ceremony spot, finalize the guest list, find a caterer, and find me a DRESS!

But there is still one little thing keeping me from fully indulging in wedding planning... yes, school. In order for me to graduate I must make it to the end of this month. 25 days until I walk!

 So.. back to the books.

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