Thursday, March 27, 2014

the bump update

I am hoping to post more regularly each week now that I'm feeling better and have more energy.

The first trimester was rough stuff! I was sick more days than not and slept as much as I possibly could. Even well into the second trimester I was still not feeling well. It wasn't until about the last 2 weeks that I am feeling more motivation and even the desire to eat a variety of foods! Oh, how good it feels to desire some flavor in my meals!

Well here is the process of the bump so far this trimester. I didn't take photos before 13 weeks because 1.. I don't think I would have been able to stay up long enough to get dressed let alone do my hair and make-up to take photos. Part of me wishes I would have.. to document the entire pregnancy, but this is what I have and I'm thankful to have from 13 weeks going forward!

So we're over half way there and we're finding out the gender tomorrow!

What do you think? 
Will we be having a boy or girl joining our family? 
Stay tuned to find out next week!

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