Monday, September 3, 2012

day one. part one.

this is my first series! i'm super excited to share it with you too! i have decided to share our love story with you! i thought this would be a great opportunity for some of you to get to know me better and mr. b :). shoot i might even let him chime in once in a while ;)

this is 'wedding week' for us! well.. except it happened this time last year! we are in the final week leading up to our one year anniversary! so crazy how fast this first year went by! though i think everyone says that..

so where do we start.. from the beginning of course ;)

part one.

mr. b and i met in college. we met the spring semester of our freshman year. february 2, 2007 to be exact.
i remember that night like it was yesterday. i had JUST been introduced to a college ministry called [cru.] formally known as campus crusade for christ. i was attending the weekly community group with some wonderful ladies in my dorm, but i was too nervous to go to the weekly gathering to meet the rest. the Lord placed this ministry into my lap and it was amazing. i share some of that experience [here].

there was a super bowl party that a bunch of people were going to attend and i was also invited. i was scared, but went anyways. we got there and everyone was hanging out watching the game, but more so all the commercials that are way over priced. why would you want to pay 2 million dollars for a 30 second commercial? although... the [m&m commerical] this year was pretty funny.. anyways. back to our love story..

so here we are, hanging out and i see this guy with a mop on his head doing crazy stuff over in the corner. i thought to myself, man - he's one attractive fella! but instantly thought, he would probably never see anything in me.. i'm not good enough. i also started to get more shy the older i got.. i used to be loud and super outgoing [who am i kidding.. i still am...] but only around people i know really well. so i minded my own business for the night. goofing off, rolling around on the ground having innocent fun.
 these are some of the photos from that night. pardon my craziness.. i was weird and probably still am.

i unfortunately don't have any photos of mr. b from the night we first met. those are only memories in our minds.

once i returned home from the party i shared with some friends that i needed to meet him. i even went home one weekend and talked about this really cute boy i saw...

a couple weeks later we were introduced...


  1. Happy Anniversary week!! Today is our 1st anniversary :)

  2. What a fun series! Can't wait to read along!


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