Monday, April 2, 2012

homemade guacamole.

these weeks seem to be flying by.. i always think about sitting down and doing a post - but then i end up doing other things. work has been really busy lately too.. these past 2 weeks i've worked 6 day work weeks. it's been a lot - but we have to do what we have to do!

the weekend went by super fast too. again - because i had to work on saturday. it wasn't a very good weekend either.. you now how sometimes you have a weekend where you just feel like you spend the entire time crying?? yup - that was this weekend for me. but praise the Lord because he is faithful and just and is growing my faith and transforming me into the women and wife He's called me to be through this all!

here is one of my favorite recipes! this one is a little more tricky.. only because i don't have exact measurements for it. honestly - most of the things i make.. i don't measure. i judge it by flavor, but i have been trying really hard to measure things out to help give more precise recipes when they are homemade ones. :)

this was a request from my dearest friend riss! you can read her encouraging blog here!! this lady right here is so full of the Spirit and LONGS to make Christ shine through her life! i admire her faith and walk with Jesus - she's one amazing lady let me tell you! well.. you don't need me to tell you, just take a look at her blog and find out for yourself!! :)

here is what she requested: homemade guacamole.

homemade guacamole
time: 10 minutes
makes:  a wonderful appetizer for many!

3 avocados
1 roma tomato
3 cloves of fresh garlic chopped
sliced onion (approx. 1/4 cup)
1/2 of a guacamole spice packet

1. peal the avocados and take the pits out. smash them with a fork until all mixed. make sure to save the pit for a secret something!
2. cut up the tomato. cup up the onion. chop the fresh garlic. (if you don't like as much garlic.. you can do 2 cloves - we just LOVE garlic. and it's good for you!)
3. mix in the tomatoes, onion, and garlic.
4. sprinkle 1/2 of the guacamole packet and stir in.
5. mix everything together and you're ready for some delicious guacamole!

i like to eat my guacamole with lime flavored tortilla chips. they are my favorite!!

this is a tasty treat that i make often! it's good as a side, a snack, with a meal, on tacos.. you name it!


- jennifer -

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