Saturday, March 10, 2012

creating fun.

the weather has been so beautiful these past couple weeks! this is not the normal winter for us. usually we are still buried in 2 feet of snow, roads covered in ice and there is no such thing as above freezing temperatures. but listen to the forecast for this week starting tomorrow.. 61, 61, 54, 70, 61. do you see that?!?!? it's supposed to be 70 degrees on wednesday!! with SUN!! it's getting me very excited for spring!! and spring gets me excited for garage sales!! i've already got a running list of things i'll be looking for this spring and summer at garage sales.

but before i get ahead myself too quickly.. i have some goodies that i'm working on right now :)

this was a quick fun DIY project i made and mr. bv helped me with! a chalk board!!!

we have this pantry that we got from target to have more storage for food and baking supplies. it was looking boring and i wanted to add something. mr. bv had asked me if we could hang something up to write prayer requests and praises on. so that got my mind turning and i thought why not a chalk board on the pantry!!

here is a tutorial for what we did!

i wanted to make our own chalk board paint from a mixture i found on pinterest

this mixture is 1 cup of flat paint and 2 tbs of unsanded grout. mix them together and you have chalkboard paint! the reason i wanted to do it this way is because i needed the flat black paint for another project and now i have unsanded grout for other chalkboard paint colors i want to make in the future!

here is the pantry before.. with the picture on the right you can kind of see the shine finish that is on it. well.. i didn't really think anything of the finish until this happened...

i knew it was going to be more work.. but i didn't lose hope! mr. bv took the pantry downstairs and sanded the entire finish off - down to the bare wood. then we took it and painted it again and turned out MUCH better :)

once we painted it, we had to sand it again to get the little bumps out. mr. bv sanded it with 100 grit sand paper and it turned out soo good! i'm super happy with the finished result! and now we enjoy having space to write current prayer requests and praises!

and here it is again! :) now on to the next idea i have in mind!

have a fabulous saturday!

- jennifer - 

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