Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have no idea where the month of May went! I thought I was going to be able to get so much wedding planning done and get super organized before starting me new job. Well, I didn't get near as much done as I would have liked to.. but that seems to be the way things go doesn't it?

I started my new job June 1 - and let me tell you, it feels GREAT to have an income again! So far, I have loved the training and meeting new people. I start more 'intense' training next week and then I have my first exam on next Thursday! And then I have another intense week after and July 5th is my second exam, if I pass both of those I will officially be licensed and ready to go! It's so exciting to see all of this coming together!!

Other than my job, I have been doing LOTS of planning for the wedding and LOTS of garage saleing! I love garage sales and getting good deals! I will post pictures soon on my good finds. B (my finace) doesn't always like the things I pick out.. he doesn't always see past the 'old and worn' pieces. But he does trust my interior design background to know I'll fix it up and make it look nice in our home.

Speaking of home.. I have been doing a lot of yard work out at our house that we will be living in once we are married! It's so fun to have our own place to decorate and make 'ours'! I have to be honest though... here is a story that will be prone to make someone laugh. One day I was out there for ohh, about 3 hours planting flowers and weeding. After I was done putting all the flowers in I called my mom and asked her if pansies were perennials or annuals and she informed me they were annuals. You won't believe what I did... I planted about 30 DEAD pansies! Bless my moms heart, she encouraged me that they might come back now that they were in the ground. I waited a little too long to get them in the ground. I went over there last week to check on them and about 5 of them are coming back to life. So now I guess I'll be back out there to plant some new flowers instead. Whoops :)

One other thing I wanted to share - B and I got our engagement photos back a couple weeks ago! We LOVE them! They turned out so good and we had a blast doing them! I'll share a few of them with you

Don't you just LOVE this barn?

I love him! 88 days until we say "I do" and unite together as one!! I can't wait!

PS.. that bike is my garage sale find for $1!!! :) We got some new parts and a basket, so now I have about $15 into it! I still need to get a few more things for it, but I love cruising around town on it!


  1. They are AMAZING! =) You have the prettiest hair in the world & I love the green suitcase. I may have the exact same one. :)

  2. I wish that there will be ever increasing love between two of you....your photos are really very very touchy and lovely...just love to see that briefcase in the last snap..


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