Thursday, April 4, 2013

mother's day love.

mother's day is right around the corner!
have y'all started shopping yet?
every year i try so so so hard to plan ahead - but end up get bombarded with a million other things i filled my plate too full with and get stuck the weekend of to get something together.
most of the time when this happens the gift isn't near as sentimental or hand crafted like i had originally planned.
but, since there is a lot of time before us now - why not start planning and preparing!
i had an amazing opportunity to meet marisa and barrett with  fashionABLE at the influence conference last year and their heart is so sweet.
not only are they doing amazing things for moms - but their products are amazing!
i bought two scarves last year at the conference.
this is one of the scarves i purchased..
they are versatile and go with everything! and they are so big and comfy - just the way i like!
you can wear them in all sorts of styles. and they are amazing quality! a scarf that will last forever!

the other scarf i have is worn with this outfit.

but other than the appearance of these scarves - the thing that gets me even more is the tag. each tag is individually written out by the maker of the scarf. which means there is a personal message of what this scarf is allowing each family to see and do.

this tugs at my heart strings, y'all. i couldn't help but adore the fact that the purchase of a scarf helps a mother watch her son grow in character.
or for another woman to share how she can see a hope for her families future through the purchase of a scarf.
because of our purchase... these women who were told they are no good for anything..
women who thought their only way is through prostitution.
women who thought their only way is through selling themselves.
women who thought they didn't have a future.
women who thought they were not able..
are able.
fashionABLE is partnering with ONE for a limited edition item that will only be available for mother's day.
this is a scarf that is being offered ONLY for mother's day.. and oh my word it's so adorable! i might have to snag one for myself too ;)
and that's not all! they are opening up pre-sales today! pre-orders are until april 19th when the scarf will officially become available.
and that's still not all...! there is free shipping when you purchase yours today or tomorrow [april 4th and april 5th]!
you can read the story behind the genet scarf and see what a difference her life is with every purchase you make.
because of you.. genet is ABLE to embrace her role as mother. you can read her entire story and see what a difference her life is with every purchase you make.

i can't wait to get one for my mom [and one for me]!

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  1. What a great gift idea! And even better, what a wonderful company! Thanks for sharing :)


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