Wednesday, March 6, 2013

influential women.

have y'all ever heard of the influence network? well let me just tell you.. it's amazing. you wanna talk about community? this is it!
realness. gospel. encouragement. women. truth. wisdom. more gospel. community.
and it's good.

last year i had the privilege to attend the influence conference which is where it all started.
and i am so stinkin' excited to be attending again this year! - so excited that i bought my ticket on the second day of the conference last year!

but today i am looking forward co-hosting the link up today and having the opportunity to get to know some of the amazing women in this community who have some powerful influence both on and offline. if you're part of the network - you should join the link up so we can get to know you better! and if you're not part of the network.. you should totally join! you won't regret it!

here are a few guidelines:
- to participate - you must be [or become!] a member of the influence network.
- link your post up, visit the blog of the person before you in the link-up, and leave them some love cause we all know it's great to read some encouragement from our readers.
- your post should include the following:
... a photo of yourself that you love.
... three 'get-to-know-me' things.
... one valuable thing you've gained from the network.

this is one of my favorite pictures. it's from our wedding day a year and a half ago.
it was a wonderful day too. being with my best friend, the sun shining on our faces, so much laughter and the presence of god before us while joining together as one.

three things about me..

one.. i have a huge passion for jesus and women. i love doing life with other women and i really love it when it's focused on making much of jesus! [another reason i'm totally loving the network!!]. take that and throw in a cup of joe and it's bound to be something glorious!
i know the lord is going to use this passion of mine in some amazing way - and i'm not quite sure what it is.. but am excited to see where it takes me!

two.. i am more of a creative thinker than analytical. i love dreaming and envisioning and doing all sorts of things creative. diy projects.. cooking.. crafting.. - you name it!

three.. i am married to my best friend. we've been married for a year and a half this month! marriage has been a crazy awesome journey so far and i am so excited to be working hand in hand and doing life with the most amazing man in the world!

one valuable thing i've gained from the network..

ahh.. just one! there are so many things..
i would have to say some crazy awesome friendships! oh my word y'all - it's been so amazing to connect with women that are in all different seasons of life [and some in the same season!] and it's so encouraging to bounce ideas off each other and be real and raw about where we're at. so much wisdom and truth spoken! i love it! and the classes are ROCKIN'!

so.. that's a little about me. come join the network and link up!
can't wait to 'meet' y'all!


  1. i love that photo of you! & i agree about the friendships i've made from the network! i've met so many amazing women who i now talk to regularly and that has been so amazing and so sweet.

  2. OMG! We had the same wedding dress! It looks GORGEOUS on you! :)

  3. I just love you, friend. Your sweetness and sincerity encourage and challenge me. I'm thinking about you and your friends so much lately with Dave's injury. I hope we can talk soon!

  4. You are a beauty on the inside and out and I feel so so blessed to be in community with you. Love your heart and your spirit friend!

  5. I seriously love that picture. You look lovely!
    And that is awesome that you are more of a creative thinker! I love creative expression but I'm not sure I can think creatively. ;)

    Loved reading through this!

  6. i absolutely love looking at wedding pictures and this one has to be one of my favorites! i just love how you both GLOW. that is totally Jesus in you and that makes it 100x more beautiful!

  7. Jennifer - thank you so much for co-hosting! I just love that photo of you and your husband. so much joy.

    I have my ticket for the conference too, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  8. I LOVE that picture of you and your husband. Our wedding day was my favorite day as well. So much life in that picture!

  9. Yay! I am so thankful for you and glad we have met. Love your fiery heart for Jesus, it encourages the one in me!

  10. I agree about the friendships! I've loved the accountability I've found through the network too!!

  11. What a beautiful wedding picture! I have the same passions for women and Jesus. So glad to meet you!

  12. Jennifer! Thanks for your comment. It will be so good to see you again!! :)

  13. That picture is amazing. So much joy! Your #1... Amen!!

  14. That picture of you - so much joy!!! And #1 yes -- that's why Influence is so amazing

  15. Jennifer, thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog-it meant so much to me! We definitely need to make sure we meet this year at the conference. :)

  16. Jennifer, so glad to have roomed with you at Influence and so blessed that we are still in touch. I'm excited with you to see what God is going to do and how he's going to use you! Your passion is contagious!

  17. Hey Jennifer! its so good to meet you! I love that photo of your and your husband. You guys are super cute. I totally connect with you on #1. That is my passion too. Can't wait to see what God is up to in this next year!

  18. I love the joy on your face in this picture! Beautiful!

  19. Your number 1 basically could be written by my heart. I hear ya. Having this desire and love and not quite knowing what God is doing, but knowing that HE will do something.
    Glad to get to know you more - that photo is lovely! I extra love the necklaces.

  20. you are so wonderful! thanks for hosting. i couldn't attend last year, but i'm already counting down the days until this years conference! i hope to meet you there!

  21. So nice to connect with you! :) I'm a creative thinking/dreamer, as well! Also, love your photo. SO MUCH JOY. :)


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