Tuesday, February 19, 2013

five pinterest crafts.

we went to the lake this past weekend and took some photos of the awesome glaciers. i can't wait to share more of those photos with y'all.

while trying to kick these winter blues i am looking at lots of ways to get active outdoors and get my creative spark back by getting crafty again. so here are my latest inspirations from pinterest i am looking to achieve this week.

--- i am very excited to attempt to make this chunky scarf this week. there is such a great tutorial and i love the final look. it will come in handy this week at we enter into some more cold weather.

--- there are a few new recipes i'm looking to try out this week. my husband is a sucker for spinach and artichoke dip, so i'm excited to twist things around and try out this awesome chicken recipe as well as creating some homemade french vanilla creamer.

--- to prepare our hearts and home for easter, i am excited to be partaking in 40 bags in 40 days. a sweet friend of mine is doing it and i decided this year i would jump on the band wagon. i want to make more room for jesus in our hearts and our home so i'm looking forward to de-cluttering; and it will make spring cleaning that much easier.

--- this year i'm working on making all personalized, homemade birthday cards [and hopefully christmas cards]. i am excited to start making and mailing them out to some sweet friends of mine.

--- i really want to make some jewelry too. we're trying to be wise with our finances these days, especially while we're living off one income - so i think this washer necklace will be budget friendly.


  1. I kid you not, I am crazy excited about the chunky scarf. A girl in first grade knew how to knit with her hands and I asked repeatedly for her to teach me but she turned me down. I'm still a little bitter. ;)

  2. I make the creamer all the time... We love it!


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