Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i could get used to this...

so.. a couple weeks ago i shared how i [won a chef].
well, that evening rolled around and she came.
she brought all her own food.
she cooked.
i will admit.. i was almost tempted to leave all those dirty dishes in our sink for her to do.
they pile up so quick... this is the story of a household without a dishwasher!
ah.. another thing that i have on my list of must have's when we buy our first home.
along with a double sink for [this] reason.
and a two stall garage.
i digress.. 
juiciest chicken i've ever had on the stove. and so much flavor! all she put on there was a little of lawry's salt and i was worried about not having my garlic... have i ever told you how much we use garlic?
i couldn't believe how much flavor these babies had! the broccoli was amazing! AND she cooked with no water! i tried this in my own pan a couple evenings after.. mine got a little burnt, so i'm still trying to figure out just how she did it.
look at that chicken! i can't believe it's completely cooked all the way through.. and she didn't even check it once! i'm amazed.
she had such a sweet british accent and told us lots of jokes.
a dessert... cooked on the stove top...? i know.. i couldn't believe it myself. and it was super tasty! there was none left over by the time we were done.
so not only did this really happen. and the fact that it really was free..
i have more amazing news!
i ordered her again!
for free!
stay tuned for meal number 2..


  1. Waterless cookware. They are super healthy to use. We bought some last winter... Love them! Our fav is chicken apples and carrots together.. 30 mins and waalaa!

  2. That's awesome... I want a free chef...

  3. that looks amazing! how are you getting this wonderful free chef? :-)

    - Val @


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