Thursday, October 4, 2012

staying connected.

these days i feel anything but connected. i feel like a whirlwind is happening and i am just trying not to blink as life just goes by at 100+ mph.
so many exciting things and plans have happened in these last couple months that i need to write about and catch up on!
remember how i said september was going to be a busy month?
i guess that was an understatement. it was even more busy than i could have imagined.
well.. along with that came some other things that i dropped the ball on.
friendships that i had abandoned.
emails and messages i didn't respond [or even read yet...]
planning i didn't start
and i'm sure much much more..
i realized that sometimes life does get busy. crazy busy.
but one of my sweetest, dearest friends kindly reminded me that even when life is flying by i need to make sure i'm not ignoring or over looking important things in my life.
my walk with the Lord, my marriage, and my friendships.
she also shared with me how she wants to stay connected with my life and not always read about it on my blog.
this one stung. because she's right.. instead of picking up the phone and sharing my life with her or others in real life. i shared it all online for everyone to see.
this also stung because i could hear the Lord whisper in my ear that he is feeling the same way. he doesn't want to hear from me through my blog, or through my discussions with others. he wants me to sit with him and talk and share and listen.
i appreciate her so much for confronting me. i appreciate her so much for sharing her hurts and frustrations openly with me. i appreciate her so much for her forgiveness.
the Lord is showing me people in my life that care deeply about me. people that reflect his love. i thought building community in my new town was difficult.. but God is faithful.
now i need to make sure i respond accordingly.
and that is, to stay connected.
take time to sit at the feet of my precious savior.
to sit and be physically, emotionally and spiritually engaged with my amazing husband instead of sitting next to him but being more engaged with my phone and computer.
to leave the dishes undone a little longer and pick up the phone to call a dear friend.


  1. I think blogging is important, but life and relationships are way more important. We are trying to keep on online time to a minimum when we are together. And I fit in writing around family and get togethers. I am not going to start saying no to real life things because I have to write. you know?

  2. Newest follower here. Great post, I can't wait to read more.

  3. Absolutely speaking my language. This is a lesson that I am learning more and more. It can be hard to be intentional during this era, but it's good to get that perspective and step back for a while!

  4. Preach on sister girl! :) I cant wait to read more of your blogs.


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