Wednesday, October 24, 2012

now that's what i call hipster

happy wednesday to you!
hope you are having a fabulous week so far!! my week has been all sorts of crazy. i've actually been really drained lately. still trying to process all of the influence conference stuff and get back into the swing of things with work. it's a lot.
saturday i took a break from it all to go get coffee with a friend. our friendship is growing and i am loving it! it's been so great to connect with her and i am looking forward to more coffee dates and photo sessions ;)
she just got a new camera - so i thought, perfect! i'll 'model' for her [be ware.. i am no model - i don't even know what i'm doing] and she can get some practice shooting!
well.. after coffee and chatting, we walked over to a gorgeous park downtown and starting snapping photos!
so thankful for her pictures and ability to make me more relaxed. she might just become my regular 'what i wore' fashion post photographer! - if she's willing of course.. eh, i'll bribe her! ha
without further adieu.

this past weekend mr. b was out of town, so when he got back i showed him my 'what i wore' photos and he said 'you're a total hipster.' then he went on to tell me about his definition of a hipster...

'hipster is the combination of a hippie and a gypsy but with an iphone. they rock apple products and lattes but try to look homeless.' - mr. b

there goes my chance of making him hipster too ;)

[hat: thrift // sweater: gift // scarf: live fashionABLE // t-shirt: madewell // tank: target // jeans: target // shoes: candies // photography: allison]

i am just loving all the colored jeans - especially the fall-ish colors! i blend right in with the leaves ;) i love them all so much i bought 3 of the same pair but in different colors!
it was definitely a lot of fun! i'm looking forward to more photo shoots and 'what i wore' posts! bring on the fashion! and it looks like i'm about due for a hair cut, huh? good thing i have one scheduled for saturday morning! ;)


  1. hahah I love your husband's definition of a hipster! your outfit is adorable :-)

    - Val @

  2. You are so cute! Love the outfit...and the hipster definition. It's so true.

  3. Just found your blog and am having so much fun on here! Love your outfit and the definition of hipster!!


  4. I like Mr.B's definition of hipster. Yesterday my co-workers and I were trying to come up with a good definition of hipster. I think Mr.B hit the nail on the head with his definition. Great post!

  5. haha what a funny hipster definition! I live in Athens GA which is hipster town USA. you make a cute hipster!

  6. i love your outfit! you do look like a hipster. haha! your husband's definition cracked me up.

  7. You are just so stinking cute! Love the outfit! I wish I could have coffee with you on a saturday! Also, love your husband's definition of hipster!

  8. Officially you are adorable!!!! I love that park. Gorgeous!

  9. Love this :) and I totally agree with the definition of a hipster. :)

  10. LOL! Oh my word, I absolutely NEEDED the giggle you gave me from this post today. : ) Your husby's definition of hipster made me LOL for a good couple minutes. : ) You look absolutely ah-dorable as always my dear!! <3


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