Friday, September 28, 2012

this weeks favorites

we're back in action friends!
here are some of my friday favorites for this week.
[one]. fall decorations at our home. it's my favorite season and my first year trying to figure out what to do with our awkward small space!
[two]. my wonderful biz cards came in the mail this week!!! LOVE them!
[three]. my absolute favorite coffee place opened up a new chain in my city!!! oh how i've missed you..
[four]. a. bear naked granola b. giveaway win from a sweet gal - nail polish! c. new skinnys and scarf weather! and d. a halloween printable [free!]
AND the other fun thing i get to do..
tonight i am heading downtown in a near city to set off 5,000+ lanterns in the sky!
it's going to look something like this..
it's going to be gorgeous! i can't wait to take photos and share!! [as long as they turn out well.. even if they don't, i'll probably still post them]
hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! :)


  1. Love it! Especially the lanterns. We released 1 this summer with some friends and it was magical. I can't imagine how phenomenal 5,000 will be! Have a blast!

    Now that you have your redesign up and running we should discuss setting up a sponsor swap :)

  2. i wish i'd been in GR to see the lanterns! i definitely want to see your pictures! i saw the one you posted on instagram and loved it.

  3. Wow those lanterns in air & in so huge amount looks so so so adorable...I must believe that was for some heavenly purpose because of the amount of people involved in it...simply great photo!!!


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