Tuesday, September 4, 2012

influence meet and greet.

two posts in one day! i couldn't put our [love series] aside.. but i also am excited for this fabulous meet and greet, therefore - i'm double timing! :)
[influence] is right around the corner!!! i am so excited!
so excited i have a countdown on my phone and tablet!
woohoo! i am pumped!
so along with that... today is the meet and greet so others get a chance to get to know me more :)
if you haven't bought your ticket yet.. you totally should! it will be so amazing and i would love to meet you too!

so here we go!
three getting to know me stats:
one - i am super shy when i am out of my comfort zone and don't know anyone else [hint, hint. be prepared for the first couple hours.. i know i'll be shy...] but don't worry - once i get more comfortable i am the complete opposite! i will eventually open up and enjoy being the crazy goof ball i am! lucky you ;)
two - i am obsessed and need my coffee. i love coffee so much, i could drink it all day long and surprisingly still fall asleep at night. maybe this says something about my addiction? so addicted it doesn't have an affect. well...unless i don't have it.. then i go through major withdrawals and major headaches!
three - i am a big dreamer. sometimes i feel like i dream a little too big. but i know my God is big enough, i just need to pray and make sure that my dreams are in accordance to his will :)

two looking forward to the conference stats:
one - i am so so so excited to meet all you fabulous women! i can't wait to sit down and talk with some of you over a cup of coffee. [i will admit i'm still nervous no one will want to connect with me, but i'm trusting that those are lies from the enemy :)]
two - i can't wait to check out the amazing workshops! it will definitely be hard choosing which ones to attend, but i'm definitely looking forward to how God is going to use each speaker and how he is going to encourage, stretch and grow me throughout the weekend!

one can't leave home without stat:
other than my outfit for the stripes party ;) i don't know what i would do without my notebook and pen. i am a total note taker and doodler! i love being able to jot down notes, ideas, dreams, envisions, thoughts, encouragement... all while practicing my fonts and designs!

if you want to know more about me you can check out some more stats [here] and [here]

now i'm off to go and get to 'meet' you! :)


  1. HA! Two of our meet me things are the same..coffee and shyness!! Coincidence?

    But I'm Kimberly by the way, blogger at THE or This Healthy Endeavor. So excited to meet you at this conference and glad I found your blog!

  2. So excited to meet you, girl! :) I think you're so cute and I can't wait to chat with you over coffee (I'm totally addicted too and the same thing happens to me - I could drink it all day and still sleep fine at night!)

    Can't wait to meet ya sister!

  3. Great getting to know more about you! I'm not going to influence but I've heard a lot about it from Megan at Happy the Home (Her brother is my boyfriend)! Have SO much fun!

  4. Hooray for coffee!!! I would love to have some coffee with you come October. I can't wait to meet you and room with you!

  5. I'm shy too at first and also will be scared no one will want to connect with me, so I understand the feeling. Excited to meet you! I think it's going to be an awesome event!

  6. so many of us are talkative, crazy, initially shy introverts! i love it!

    i saw in one of your comments that you're a michigan fan?! me too! do you currently live in MI?

    i'm excited to meet you, Jennifer!

  7. Hi, Jennifer! Nice to "meet" you, and look forward to seeing you at the conference!

  8. Hello, fellow big-dreamer! Cant wait to meet ya :)

  9. You seem like so much fun! I'm so excited for the sessions too... I have no idea how I'm going to choose which to go to.

    Btw, that's definitely a lie from the enemy! All of these women going are looking forward to connecting with each other- including you!

  10. Hey Jennifer, I'm also going to have a hard time choosing which sessions to attend. And I will DEFINITELY be your "drinking" buddy! It's hard to beat a good cup of coffee.


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