Monday, April 16, 2012

grape salad.

hello again! last week i was MIA. i apologize for not giving notice ahead of time.. i decided that i spend way too much time on the computer and not enough time investing into my relationship with Jesus or my husband. so last week i took off from all electronics. yes.. you read that right - ALL. no computer, no tv, no internet (except when i was at work, but i chose to not go on any websites other than the work system). the only app allowed myself to use on my phone was the weather. i needed that to prepare outfits :)

but it was a great week! i'll be sure to share more this week about my experience. maybe it would be something good for you to do as well and see how much other stuff you can do instead of filling our brains with all mostly useless information.

as for monday... here is another monday MENU just for you!

this week is a very delicious grape salad.

we first tried this salad at mr. b's extended family party. it was so great we all took home the recipe!

well.. there are some minor adjustments in this one.. i'll share the different ways to make it.

grape salad
time: 15 minutes
feeds: a lot!.. okay, so i'm not sure how many people this will feed.. but it looks like about 8 people...

2 cups of green grapes 
2 cups of red grapes
2 cups black grapes
1 package of cream cheese - softened
1 16 oz. tub of sour cream*
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup of pecans

1. wash all the grapes and place them into a large bowl.
2. take the softened cream cheese and sour cream and mix them together in the mixer.
3. pour the sour cream and cream cheese over the grapes. pour sugar over that and mix together with spatula.
4. sprinkle brown sugar and pecans on top

so this is the original recipe and it tastes wonderful! well.. last night i was in the process of making this, and i opened up my tub of sour cream and it was just awful! i was confused and looked at the date on the package.. it says april 26. that's like, still over a week away! well.. i called my mom and asked her if it was worth taking back and see if there was something wrong with our refrigerator because we've had 2 instances with spoiled milk before the date too more recently.. well we checked the fridge and that was good. so then my mom said did you use the sour cream for something else and put a spoon in there that had other food of any sort? never!  ohh crap. (i thought to myself.) yes i sure did.. i dunked my spoon in there to get just a little more for another meal i had made the week prior. sure enough - that did it! lesson learned - no double dipping!!

well, but this time - i'm tired and don't want to have to get out again.. so then i texted (which that i could do during my week of no electronics) my mother-in-law and asked if she thought yogurt would be okay. she thought it would be just fine, so i took her advice and rolled with it. so instead of using sour cream we did vanilla yogurt. so that's where the twist comes in. *substitute for 16 oz. of yogurt. mr. b tried it out today and said it's delicious! can't wait to sit down and try some for myself!!

so either way you have it.. we know it will be good! :)

enjoy and happy monday to you!


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